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SACL is proud to provide high quality, person centered services to those we support. We work with individuals, their families, and their support team to ensure our services meet and exceed all needs. We work with you to make sure you have tools necessary to live the best possible life in the community.

Service access is determined by waitlists and referrals, which are managed by CLBC. The Association does everything it can to meet the needs of individuals referred to programs, accept all referrals and deliver services within a reasonable time.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment provides training and pre-employment programs as well as supported employment/job coaching services that promote inclusion and accessibility to the workplace by assisting individuals to attain and maintain employment within their community.

Employment opportunity for the individuals we serve is a key initiative for SACL. New and innovative concepts mean that employment opportunities are being extended to our day programs. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality employee placement, training, and support.

The supervisory staff has an extensive list of educational courses and skills in the employment field. Our staff also has a diverse range of experience and an excellent understanding of the local job market.

Services are provided in-person at SACL, in the community, and in zoom meetings. SACL assists individuals in the community in finding jobs or in a coaching and maintenance capacity if they have jobs and require assistance maintaining their jobs.

Supported Employment is a flexible and mobile program where most things are achieved during the workdays 9:00-17:00, but there are occasions where individuals may need support on a weekend (i.e., interview, or specific training required).

The service is very flexible as each individual may have different requirements. Staff connect with individuals weekly, as well as requesting our individuals to keep in touch with staff to let us know how their current job is going or how they are managing with job prospecting, and tasks they have been assigned. The program runs year-round.

Day Programs

SACL runs three adult day programs. Services are provided in-person at SACL, in the community and by online communication, such as zoom or teams. The programs run Monday through Friday, 9:00-15:00 year-round..


BRIDGES is a day program supporting adults in the community.

BRIDGES is an acronym for Building Real Individualized Development Goals for Everyone’s Success.

Upon entry to the program, individuals participate in a mapping session that identifies their strengths and goals. A schedule is put together for each individual to support them to achieve their goals in the areas of Health and Wellness, Leisure/Social, Community Access, Personal skill development or Volunteer/Employment with a focus on community inclusion.

Community Options

Community Options is an adult day service supporting individuals in the community by providing activities that are meaningful and relevant to the individuals. Using a person-centered approach, individuals are assisted to engage in activity schedules that are tailored to their own unique needs and interests. Community Options offer a wide variety of leisure, health and wellness, skill development and volunteerism opportunities in small groups and / or individually.

Leisure Days

Leisure Days is a smaller adult program supporting individuals that live semi-independently providing them a social leisure group that meets out in the community. The group plans events together considering interest, weather and season. Yearly person centered plans identify goals that are supported to be achieved or maintained while participating at Leisure Days.


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